All Flex Partners with Minnesota Wire to Enhance Stretch Flex Capabilities


January 9, 2019

All Flex has partnered with Minnesota Wire to Create New Stretch Flex Technologies

2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

All Flex is proud to assist Minnesota Wire with several new exciting technologies expanding their iSTRETCH® product line using innovative stretch flex technology. Paul J. Wagner, Chairman/CEO of Minnesota Wire, plans to attend the 2019 CES in Las Vegas this week to present these new products.

iSTRETCH®  cable is an elastomeric wire that stretches up to 40% without losing conductivity. Wrap an All Flex Maxi Flex® circuit around Minnesota Wire’s patented iSTRETCH, add motion sensors and experience a complete revolution. No need for multiple circuits spaced at intervals. No breaks because of over-flexing. No longer just up, down, left and right. Double down on motion, stretch your flex, bend at will, and experience the freedom of full range of motion. The Maxi Flex® circuits can be adapted to accommodate most sensors including accelerometers, thermistors etc. Thus, the sensors are housed in the cable.

Both All Flex and Minnesota Wire are Minnesota based companies that work with the medical, defense, aerospace, and commercial markets.

Minnesota Wire will have product samples and literature available in booth #40731—Sands Level 2.


If you plan to attend or exhibit at CES and would like know more about Minnesota Wire and our new products, please send a message to Carrie Ferris- or visit

If you have any flex circuit or heater needs or would like to learn more about All Flex’s capabilities, please send a message to or visit



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