Introducing the new heater flex circuit configuration tool

BAH transp bckgrd smallWe at All Flex believe that fast response time to the customer in everything we do is one of the most important measurements of our success.  This philosophy is prevalent in every part of our organization, and includes responding to quotes, building parts quickly, keeping customers informed and developing specialized capabilities for unique applications of our flexible circuits and flexible heaters.

Consistent with this effort to support our customer’s needs for rapid response, we have created a new Heater Flex configuration tool that will dramatically improve the ease and speed for specifying and ordering flexible heater circuits.   The tool is called “Build-A-Heater” and allows engineers to design and order a quick turn, custom flexible heater solution with either a polyimide or silicone rubber construction.

The first step with the tool is specifying the critical parameters. These include:

  • Material type
  • Shape
  • Physical Size
  • Electrical/thermal parameters
  • Length of wires
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive requirement

After using the configurator to define the heater, the quantity required is entered with a delivery cycle time. Using the tool allows the engineer to decide between a one or two week delivery schedule. Next a price is generated.  After entering some basic customer information, payment with credit card is offered.  (The card does not get charged until product is shipped).  The entire configuring and order process takes less than 10 minutes.

The on-line tool is useful early in the product development phase for determining the design, cost and delivery date for a custom product. The configurator creates an identification number that can be used for future reference if the order placement decision needs further review. The reference number is used when returning to the site to complete the order.

The tool also checks the electrical parameters to ensure the heater will perform properly with the physical size and electrical parameters specified.   Warning messages are generated if the parameters end up compromising the performance or functionality.

We are pleased to offer this service as an engineering tool unique within the flexible heater industry.   The configuration tool has become viable as we streamlined our design and fabrication processing. The configuration tool utilizes a series of comparison formulas that looks at over 20 combinations of materials and matches capabilities with performance requirements.

The tool has been located at our site.  We are certain development engineers will find this a convenient cycle time saving capability and will reduce specification errors by eliminating human calculations and clerical entry.    All those who use this service are encouraged to provide feedback as we continually work to improve this design tool.