Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Information

Data Formats:

Preferred Format:
Circuit Data ODB++/RS 274X/DXF
Drill Data Excellon 2/RS274X
Route Data Excellon
Netlist Data IPC-D-356


Above is preferred, but we also accept Autocad DWG & DXF and IGES.

To communicate:

E-mail: General Mailbox:
(contact All Flex for log in info, Ph 877 663 7162 or Email

Readme file should:

  • Contain your company name
  • Contain your company contact
  • Identify your data files are for All Flex
  • Contain list of included files and functions

Information can be received in a number of ways:

Design: All Flex Offers the Following Design Options For Our Customers:

  • Reverse engineering of existing parts, design from concept, or design from schematic
  • Gerber Creation: Contact All Flex sales for more information
  • Critique of customers design for flexibility and manufacturability

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