Flexible Circuit Market Applications Aerospace/Defense

Panoramic and heads-up displays

Robotic and self-search and detect mechanisms

In-space experimentation


Solar power arrays and power generating systems

Leveling and speed controls, communication networks, blade integrity sensing, and vision aid systems


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Power and heat management

Thermal management and protection



Floor and windshield heating systems, temperature sensing, de-icing monitoring

Ordnance and firing systems

Missile guidance


  • Single sided, double sided, multilayer flexible circuits
  • Maxi-Flex® for long circuitry 40+ feet
  • Rigid flex
  • Circuit fabrication and assembly under one roof
  • Design for reliability
  • One source qualification for prototypes and production
  • Flexible heater circuits
  • Impedance control
  • Ultra fine line technology down to 50 micron line/space

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Unmanned aircraft control, deployment, and detection systems


Cockpit controls and sensor systems for commercial and military aircraft

Satellite communications, shielding, antennas, and tracking devices