High Density Capability

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All Flex offers custom flexible circuitry within a wide spectrum of product features, including extended lengths, multi-layers, non-traditional material constructions and specialized foils.

The company’s high density capabilities provide customers with the ability to integrate precision flexible circuitry in small packages. Coupled with its fast-turn design and fabrication processes, designers and project managers can obtain high-density flexible circuitry in only 2-3 weeks.

Fine lind polyimide-based flex circuits down to 100 micron pitch (.002″/.002″)
  • Fine lines down to 50 microns (.002”)
  • Minimum pitch 100 microns (.004”)
  • Microvias to 100 microns (.004”) for 2 layer flex
  • Precision mask registration
  • Component placement sizes down to 0201
  • Extended length fine line circuitry
  • Optional surface finishes
  • Impedance controlled/high speeds
  • Shielding
  • Adhesiveless or adhesive based laminate
  • Thermal dissipative materials

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