One of All Flex’s unique capabilities is in fabricating very large circuits and heaters.   By large, we mean beyond the standard 24” panel length typical of many circuit board suppliers, and in fact we have produced individual parts 40 feet and longer.   We call this class of flexible circuitry Maxi-Flex® and we routinely supply this product in one or two conductive layer configurations, and have built multilayer parts in excess of 5 feet long.  Maxi-Flex® can be designed to accommodate most requirements for signals, power and EMI shielding.   Most SMT and connector devices that are available with conventional flex are available on Maxi-Flex®.    Maxi-Flex® can be produced with extremely fine line (>.003” trace and space) technology.

Oversize circuits present incredible design opportunities for the electronic packaging engineer.   One example application was a system that had 10 circuit board assemblies connected together by 24” ribbon cables.   The assembly needed to be “serpentined” and set into a small area.    The prototypes for this were bulky and the entire assembly was much heavier than desired.  The cost for this system was also a concern.

This was a perfect application for Maxi-Flex® as this design took a system that had 10 pcbs, 9 ribbon cables and 18 connectors and replaced it with one continuous flexible circuit.   The advantages of this were significant:

  • Reduced the amount of hardware and components.
  • Reduced the assembly labor.
  • Reduced the weight.
  • Reduced the 3 dimensional space consumed.
  • Reduced the risk for assembly errors.

In addition to our unique capabilities that allowed us to fabricate the circuit, All Flex has very unique assembly capabilities that enable us to routinely assemble, populate and test very large circuits.

Any time you eliminate mechanical connections in a circuit path, you are improving the signal carrying capability as well as reducing “leakage”.   While connectors are very reliable, they are also potential points of failure, and eliminating them makes the design more robust.

Maxi-Flex® circuits are very robust and meet the tough requirements of the medical, military, aerospace and automotive markets.   The exact designs and configurations of Maxi-Flex® are only limited by the imagination of the design engineer.