All Flex Adds Equipment to Support Fast Delivery

All Flex continues to build its capabilities of fast-turn fabrication technology by adding an advanced ‘flying probe’ electrical test unit for large panel, bare-board testing.

This additional capability aligns with one of All Flex’s key strategies of investing in technologies and fabrication approaches to shorten fabrication and delivery windows at a time when much of the flexible circuit industry is lengthening its stated delivery times.

The MicroCraft M Series tester permits full point-to-point electrical testing of flexible circuit boards and flexible heaters utilizing dual probe action on both the front and rear surfaces of panels to validate that board imaging and fabrication processes have been successfully completed.  This capability eliminates bed of nails testing stations and longer lead-time tooling which impacts customer delivery expectations as well as lowers costs for start-up of new programs.

“This additional equipment not-only compliments our industry-leading circuit board assembly capabilities, but it directly shortens lead times for new product delivery,” states Gary Ryan, V.P. of Operations at All Flex.  “We are constantly being asked for shorter delivery cycles and this is another example of our commitment to invest in technology and equipment that enables us to meet the market expectations for speed.”

Along with All Flex’s direct laser imaging system, laser oblation processes, and other CAD-To-Floor manufacturing tools, All Flex has dramatically shortened job set-up and physical tooling packages by utilizing digitally-controlled equipment in its manufacturing facilities.