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ZIF Connectors for Flexible Circuits

Application: Advantages and information about ZIF connectors and All Flex’s capabilities. There are many types of connectors and termination methods available when designing a flexible circuit, one of the most common is the ZIF or Zero Insertion Force connector. The...

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Maxi-flex® simplifies electronic packaging

One of All Flex’s unique capabilities is in fabricating very large circuits and heaters.   By large, we mean beyond the standard 24” panel length typical of many circuit board suppliers, and in fact we have produced individual parts 40 feet and longer.   We call this...

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The Benefits of Flexible Circuitry

The benefits of flexible circuits, which are explained below, are plentiful. From solving packaging problems to amazing thermal management, All Flex flexible circuits are designed with the customer in mind. See how you can benefit from a flex circuit click here to...

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Creating the Cutline of a Flexible Circuit

One of the great features of a flexible PCB is that it can come in just about any shape or size. The final shape is defined when the completed circuit pattern is removed from the base substrate. Flex circuits are either fabricated in sheets or in rolls. There are a...

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Conductor & Filleting Guidelines

This section of our guide addresses rules specifically pertaining to conductor and pad design recommendations. Due to the flexible nature of the material during both manufacturing and application use, the following information is recommended to produce the highest...

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