Various Quick Turn Options

Custom Designed and Custom Built in 2-4 weeks

The flexible circuit industry has been guilty of interpreting the term ‘Quick Turn’ in various ways depending upon each particular manufacturer’s perspective.  For All Flex, we abide by the belief that Quick Turn is delivery of custom flexible circuits and heaters in 1-2 weeks.  We are able to routinely meet this commitment because of our business systems and manufacturing approach.

In fact, rarely do we even classify Quick Turn orders differently than other production orders.  Our production facilities, material flow processes, order handling, engineering set-up, and manufacturing sequence steps are designed specifically for fast throughput.  It’s just good business.

We don’t assign an expeditor to accelerate Quick-Turn orders through the shop nor do we have a dual process flow within our plant depending upon how fast the customer needs it.  We just depend upon our operating systems to do its job.

Furthermore, our Quick Turn product is fabricated under, and within, our normal production quality control systems.  All orders follow the same flow and quality management and documentation process. This is important for customers so that as they transition from small volume, they will get identical parts with identical performance.

So when we say Quick Turn, we mean it – and you can count on it.