Standard Materials

All Flex Standard Flexible Circuit Manufacturing Capabilities RoHS Compliant Flex Circuits and Assembly Available. Download Standard Minimum Manufacturing Capabilities Quick Reference Guide below to get started.

Flexible Base Film

Polyimide.0005" to .005" (.0127mm – .1270mm)
Polyester.002" to .015" (.0508mm – .1270mm)
Adhesiveless MaterialsCopper thickness .5 oz. to 2 oz.
Flame RetardantLaminates and Coverlay
Other materials available upon request, please contact All Flex sales

Base Copper Thickness

1/2 oz. .0007″ (.018mm)
1 oz..0014″ (.036mm)
2 oz. .0028″ (.071mm)
3 oz. .0042″ (.107mm)
4 oz. .0056″ (.142mm)
5 oz. .0070″ (.178mm)
6 oz. .0084″ (.213mm)
7 oz..0098″ (.249mm)
Thicker materials available upon request, please contact All Flex sales

Solder Mask
Polyimide coverlay.0005" to .005" (.0127mm – .1270mm)
Polyester coverlay.0015" to .003" (.0381mm – .0762mm)
Photo-Imageable covercoatCurable liquid for surface mount and dense applications
Surface Finish
Hot Air Solder Level (HASL) Tin Lead
Tin Plating* Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver *
Hard Gold over Nickel *
Soft Gold over Nickel* Electrolytic – typically used for bonding gold wire to the gold layer
ENIG (Electroless Nickel Imersion Gold)*Electroless – typically used for SMT and through hole soldering
Organic Coating OSP *

* RoHS Compliant

Stainless Steel

Drilling, milling, and scoring are available, please contact All Flex Sales for more information 

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