• lightweight Flex in Compact Medical Instruments & Equipment
  • inventory is scanned with all flex circuits
  • rugged military applications depend on flex circuitry
  • All Flex Maxi-flex® circuits are critical in unmanned systems
  • touch displays operate with flexible PCBs
  • All Flex manufactures flex & provides component assembly

Flexible Circuits & Assembly

All Flex is a flexible printed circuits manufacturer that has consistently delivered high quality flex circuits for two decades. We have responded to market demands and now offer heater circuits and deliver in high volume as well as prototypes from our two Minnesota production facilities.

Our Engineering Staff Has an Experiential Edge That Can’t Be Beat

All Flex engineers have significant experience in the flexible circuit and flexible pcb industry. Whether you are a novice in the area of flexible circuit design or a long time user, we lend our expertise providing comprehensive support from concept to completion.

+ Products

+ Specialties

+ Surface Finishes

  • Hot Air Solder Level (HASL) RoHS Compliant and Tin Lead
  • Tin Plating (RoHS Compliant)
  • Electroless and Electrolytic Silver (RoHS Compliant)
  • Immersion Hard Gold over Nickel (RoHS Compliant) (Typically used for contacts)
  • Soft Gold over Nickel (RoHS Compliant) (Electrolytic – typically used for bonding gold wire to the gold layer)
  • ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) (RoHS Compliant) (Electroless – typically used for bonding aluminum wire to the nickel under the gold)
  • Organic Coating OSP (RoHS Compliant)

+ Certifications

+ Markets Served

  • Government/Military
  • Medical
  • Instrumentation
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications

+ Materials


Polyimide: .5 mil to 5 mils (.012mm – .127mm)
Polyester: 2 mil to 15 mils (.050mm – .127mm)
Adhesiveless Materials: Copper thickness .5 oz. to 2 oz.
Flame Retardant: Laminates and Coverlay
Other Materials Upon Request


.5 oz. – .0007″ (.018mm) thick copper
1 oz. – .0014″ (.036mm) thick copper
2 oz. – .0028″ (.071mm) thick copper
3 oz. – .0042″ (.107mm) thick copper
4 oz. – .0056″ (.142mm) thick copper
5 oz. – .0070″ (.178mm) thick copper
6 oz. – .0084″ (.213mm) thick copper
7 oz. – .0098″ (.249mm) thick copper
Thicker coppers are available (call for information).


Polyimide coverlay: .5 mil to 5 mils (.012mm – .127mm)
Polyester coverlay: 1.5 mil to 3 mils (.076mm – .228mm)
Photo-imageable covercoat: Liquid for surface mount and dense applications

+ Capabilities

Standard Flexible Circuit & Heater Sizes: (longer than standard lengths considered Maxi-Flex®)

  • Single Sided
Up to 22″ x 28″ (558.8mm x 711.2mm)
  • Double Sided
Up to 16″ x 22″ (406.4mm x 558.8mm) Plated, Nonplated 22″ x 28″ (558.8mm x 711.2mm)
  • Multi-Layer
Up to 16″ x 22″ (406.4mm x 588.8mm) Standard 3-6 Layers (up to 8 layers nonstandard)
  • Maxi-Flex®
Up to 20″ x 40 feet+ (508mm x 12192.0mm) Longer possible upon request
  • Flexible Heaters
Up to 22″ x 28″ (558.8mm x 711.2mm) Custom & stock sizes available, for more info visit: www.allflexheaters.com/
  • Rigid Flex
Up to 8 Layers 16″ x 22″ (406.4mm x 588.8mm)

 Hole Size:

  • Non-Plated Thru Holes
.005″ (.125mm) min. drilled hole size. Tolerance +/- .0015″ (.038mm)
  • Plated Thru Holes
.005″ (.125mm) min. drilled hole size. Tolerance +/- .003″ (.076mm)

(Smaller holes can be manufactured, contact All Flex sales)

Line Width And Spacing:

  • .002″ Minimum Line
  • .002″ Minimum Spacing

Conductor to Edge of Circuit/Blanking:

  • Soft Tooling
Outline dimensions +/- .005″ (.125mm)
  • Hard Tooling
Outline dimensions +/- .003″ (.0762mm)
  • ZIF LaserCut Punching
Outline dimensions +/- .002″ (.0508mm) with CpK >2.0

 Drill Position:

  • Tolerance of +/- .003″ (.076mm)

Flexible Circuit Layers:

  • Up to 6 conductor layers
  • Shielding layer -Copper or Silver
  • Pads on plating layer
  • Flexible PCB

Added Value Capabilities

  • Automated offers mixed form factor assembly
  • Surface mount components down to size 0201
  • Vision placement system allows accuracy to .001″
  • Fine pitch capability to .5mm pitch
  • Tactile domes for integrated switches
  • Staked terminals
  • Unlimited component configurations
  • Thru hole assembly
  • RoHS Compliant assembly
  • Virtual all SMT components including discretes, SOICs, PLCCs, QPPs, & BGA’s
  • Auto fiducial correction
  • Heat sinks
  • Precision stenciling
  • Electrical testing
  • Folding/forming

+ Flexible Circuit Videos


View videos of a variety of topics related to flexible circuits.

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