Polyimide Heaters

All Flex’s Polyimide Flex Heaters are a versatile solution for a variety of design challenges! Use a Polyimide Flex Heater for designs with a low profile, tight bend radius, or that require a  high degree of thermal control.

When to Use Polyimide Heaters
  • When you need a low profile that can’t fit within component clearances or between features without forcing changes in the overall package design
  • When high thermal control is desired in the thinnest construction possible
  • In applications where a tight bend radius is required
  • When weight constraints are a factor
  • When the heater will be exposed to solvents that may deteriorate it
  • Polyimide heaters are excellent for low outgassing applications

All Flex can provide assembly options for heaters in-house! Explore our comprehensive heater assembly services to learn more.

Polyimide Heater Features
  • Thinnest profile option, between .0045″ – .010″
  • Standard polyimide heaters can peak at 300°F/150C, can go to higher temperatures for short periods
  • Reliable conformance to curved & irregular surfaces, with the ability to wrap as tight as .25″ radius
  • Improved thermal transfer compared to silicone rubber & offers a quicker response on thermal delivery to the surrounding mass
  • Better chemical resistance from solvents
  • No oil residue is emitted, making polyimide flex heaters cleaner than silicone rubber heaters
  • Can be added later in the design process due to the thinness of the heater