Flexible Heaters

Fast. Seriously. By the time others provide a quote, we have designed and released the job so you get your parts in just a few weeks.

Contact us for custom flexible heaters constructed of polyimide (DuPont Kapton®) and silicone rubber for all types of applications. We will be quick to respond and fast to deliver any volume.

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Providing Assistance

  • Whether you are an adnvanced thermal management engineer or a new designer unfamiliar with flexible heater tehcnology, you can expect us to help you quickly arrive at answers you are looking for.
  • We quote traditional custom flexible heater circuits in 24 hours or less.
  • We typically deliver 2-3 weeks for custom heater circuits.
  • Our heater kit helps you experiment and analyze what you need.
  • We produce laboratory/test volumes in addition to large volume.

Industries We Serve

Flexible circuit


Today’s medical devices need to be smaller with greater functionality than ever. To meet this demand for miniaturization, medical device manufacturers need to package their electronics to fit within a small form factor. All Flex’s technology provides the perfect solution to this challenge in applications where precision is critical.



Military electronic devices have unique reliability, dependability, and survivability requirements in addition to strict performance standards. Rigid flex and flex circuits enable defense contractors to meet these demands, helping them produce lightweight military equipment without sacrificing functionality and ultimate never fail reliability.

Flexible circuit


Aero electronics systems are exposed to higher levels of shock and vibration while simultaneously evolving toward weight reduction, increased component density and improved functionality. To meet these demands, AllFlex provides  aerospace manufacturers with a packaging solution that offers higher reliability and greater survivability without undermining performance.



For many analytical tests to be accurate, repeatable and reliable, the test samples need to be at consistent temperatures to eliminate any variability from one sample to the next. All Flex heaters are used to precisely bring samples to defined temperature parameters for these tests to be successfully completed.


General Electronics

We see greater use of flexible and rigid flex circuits and flexible heaters in applications where innovative packaging solutions are required to provide device functionality, miniaturization and reliability. Examples include unmanned vehicles, wearable electronics, robotics, ruggedized computers, solid state disk drives and camera/optics applications.