All Flex Design Guide

The All Flex Design Guide is a significant tool that you will find very helpful in designing a highly reliable flexible circuit optimized for All Flex manufacturability. The technical information details our standard manufacturing capabilities but note, we also consider various flex designs that are outside of our typical parameters, for those, please inquire within. Our applications engineers will be happy to assist.

The All Flex Design Guide
* Revised August 2013

  • Advantages, Benefits & Features of Flex Circuits
  • Design Consideration & Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Standard Materials
  • Single Sided & Double Sided Construction
  • Multi-layer Construction
  • Rigid flex Circuit Construction
  • Maxi-Flex® Circuits, 40 + Feet Long+
  • Added Value Capabilities, component Assembly, etc.
  • Coverlay Options
  • Conductor Pad Design-fillets, Tie-downs, & Annular Rings,
  • Rigidizer & Stiffener Options
  • Termination Methods
  • Dielectric Materials Properties
  • Current Carrying Capabilities & Current Rating Nomograph
  • Flexible Heater Circuits, custom & stock
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This guide will provide you with all the info you need on the Flexible Circuit and Heater Industry, and give you adequate technical information to use circuits and heaters in your designs.

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