Flex Circuit Design Guide

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* Revised August 2013
All Flex’s Flex Circuit Design Guide and Flexible Heaters Design Guide take the guesswork out of your next project. Our Flex Circuit Design Guide includes:

  • Advantages, Benefits & Features of Flex Circuits
  • Design Consideration & Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Standard Materials
  • Single Sided & Double Sided Construction
  • Multi-layer Construction
  • Rigid flex Circuit Construction
  • Maxi-Flex® Circuits, 40 + Feet Long
  • Added Value Capabilities, component Assembly, etc.
  • Coverlay Options
  • Conductor Pad Design: Fillets, Tie-downs, & Annular Rings,
  • Rigidizer & Stiffener Options
  • Termination Methods
  • Dielectric Materials Properties
  • Current Carrying Capabilities & Current Rating Nomograph
  • Flexible Heater Circuits, Custom & Stock

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