HighTemp™ Heaters

All Flex HighTemp™ heaters have a higher thermal rating, perfect for semiconductor processing, medical diagnostics, and military/aerospace applications.

When to Use High Temperature Heaters
  • Where ambient temperatures are higher than normal, & the heater is adding substantial heat to the system
  • When the flexible heater is delivering extremely high wattage in a short time period
  • Popular for certain applications in down hole oil drilling, semiconductor processing, medical diagnostics & instrumentation, and military/aerospace
HighTemp™ Heater Features
  • HighTemp™ heaters have a higher thermal rating up to 572°F/ 300C
  • Overall thickness of the finished heater is .0035″ – .010″
  • Utilizing advanced manufacturing processes, All Flex has eliminated the adhesive layer & its thermal limitation
  • Lengths of 6′ + available
CharacteristicsNEW High Temp Polyimide
Size RangeLess than 1/2" sq. to
16" X 6+ ft
Temperature RangeUp to 250C (482F)
Resistance Range Up to 250 ohms per square inch
Metal Thickness Range.0005" - 0.0023"
Total Thickness Range.0035" - 0.010"
Insulation Resistance5000-6000 V/mil
Example Power Densities.1 W/in2 to 60 W/in2
Resistance Tolerance+/-10%
Standard Coverlay Thickness.001", .0015. ,002, .003
Leads (if required)Length/AWG/Coating
Minimum Bend Radius".030"
General Chemical ResistivityBest
Out gassing / AerospaceGood
Edge Insulation.030"
Bono/Peel Strength (to flat plate using PSA)***101 oz/inch