All Flex has trade marked our special flex circuit prototype
offering that allows an application to be produced at larger than normal sizes.
Maxi-Flex® is a circuit that is normally found on one or two conductive layers
longer than 24″ in length. Below is information regarding Maxi-Flex® circuits.


  • Custom designed copper flexible circuits in exceptionally long lengths
  • Sizes from 16″ to 40 feet feet in length and longer upon request
  • Standard conductor pitch down to 0.030″ (0.76mm)
  • (Finer pitch available, call All Flex sales for more information)
  • Shielding to provide EMI/RFI protection
  • Controlled impedance design
  • Light weight, dense packaging solutions
  • Replacement for wire harnesses
  • Ultra fine line technology down to 50 micron line/space
  • Custom termination design for use with:
High density circular connectors
D subminiature connectors
Surface mount connectors & components
Pin and socket connectors
Leaded components
Edge card and ZIF connectors
Crimp-on/displacement pins and connectors

MAXI-FLEX® is designed for your specific application with signal, power and shielding layers in one complete interconnect package.

Important: Due to material availability in these lengths, contact All Flex staff for further information for standard Maxi-flex®.

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Download Maxiflex Application Sheet as PDF

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