Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone rubber heaters are a rugged solution for industrial and general use applications. All Flex’s flexible silicone rubber heaters provide high thermal ratings at a lower cost, making them ideal for general heater applications that may benefit from their overall mechanical properties.

When to Use Silicone Rubber Heaters


    • For general heater applications requiring its overall mechanical properties
    • In outdoor or wet environments or when the overall thickness provides more mechanical protection from damage
 Silicone Rubber Heater Features
  • Silicone rubber heaters have a higher thermal rating up to 450°F/ 232C
  • Lower cost when compared to polyimide heaters
  • Overall thickness of the finished heater is .015″ – .060″
  • Less flexible than polyimide with a bend radius of 1.5”, so silicone rubber heaters are not ideal for component assembly
  • Heavier than polyimide