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Aluminum Backing for Flexible Heaters

Polyimide Flexible Heater Design Tips   Question: Why should you put an aluminum backing on a polyimide heater? There are two main reasons: 1. To improve the life and reliability of the heater. 2. To help retain shape when applied to curved surfaces. (This Tech...

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LDI for Flexible Circuit Etch Resist

This article is the third and final part of methods for imaging etches resist. The first part discussed screen printing; the second part discussed traditional photo exposing. The third part discusses laser direct imaging (LDI).The basic process sequence for LDI is...

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Flexible PCBs and Connectors

While a well-designed flexible circuit will eliminate many connectors, ultimately most flexible circuits need to connect to something. Probably the most common entity that a flex circuit connects to is a rigid printed circuit board, but cable harnesses, polyester...

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Plating Process Options for Flexible Circuits

Plating copper through holes or vias is a requirement for double sided and multilayer circuits. In a previous blog we discussed the plating process; specifically copper seed coating using electroless copper and shadow® plating, which is then followed with an electro...

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