On this page you can configure and build your own custom heater in the form below.  If you are looking for additional options, please contact us here at 612-230-8075  or rfq@allflexinc.com .

Build-A-Heater® Flexible Heater Standard Properties

  • Polyimide Insulation
  • Maximum thickness over heating element: .010”/0.26MM
  • Maximum Thickness over lead attachment area: 0.18”/4.5MM
  • Lead Wire is 12” long, Teflon Insulated, Red in Color AWG24, or larger as required by the current drawing
  • Maximum continuous use temperature of heater is 302F/150C
  • Resistance tolerance of ±10% is standard
  • Maximum recommended watt density is 15 watts per square inch
  • The lead time is typically four to six weeks.


What shape will your heater be?

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Please input your voltage and wattage and resistance will be auto calculated. If resistance is below 5 ohms per square inch or over 750 ohms per square inch, you will receive an error message

Pick your heater options

You can order your heater with various options to help you mount it into your application. Your options are PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive), aluminum heat diffuser, or aluminum with a PSA for mounting to your device. Choose your option below:

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