We are All Flex

For over twenty-five years, All Flex has manufactured flexible circuits for use in government, military, medical, instrumentation, aerospace, industrial and telecommunication applications. 

CatheterFlex™ Flexible Circuits

What began as a quick-turn prototype and low-volume production manufacturer of single-sided and double-sided flexible circuits has since expanded to include multi-layer, extended length Maxi Flex®,  CatheterFlex, rigid flex, sculptured flex, and heater circuits. All Flex also provides value-add services like surface mount and through hole assembly, testing, design, and engineering support.

With three facilities all located in the U.S.A., All Flex is dedicated to continuous quality improvement and attentive customer support. We understand that time is crucial for our customers, so we strive to provide quotes, lead times and order confirmations in 24 hours or less. We pride ourselves on quick response time, and our systems are designed to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

When to use CatheterFlexCircuits

  • PWhen you need to combine High Density Interconnect (HDI) technology with extended length application (Maxi-Flex®)
  • PIf needed to send multiple signals over a distance greater than 24” [610mm]
  • PWhen limited to long tight spaces
  • PWeight savings is of critical importance
  • PNeed to reduce assembly costs of long thin wire harnesses
  • PDesign requires combining varying line widths on a single circuit


  • PLengths from 24” to 40 feet or more (depending on density)
  • PCopper trace and space down to 2-3mils (0.05-0.08mm)
  • PPart widths down to 10mils (0.254mm)
  • PSingle-sided, Double-sided and even Multi-layer
  • PShielding for EMI/RFI protection
  • PControl Impedance designs
  • PAvailable with a number of surface finishes

Custom Development & Fast Turnaround

CatheterFlex™ flexible circuits

A CatheterFlex™ Flexible Circuit is an extended length and lightweight circuit with one, two or more conductive layers longer than 24″ in length. CatheterFlexis designed for your specific application with signal, power and shielding layers in one complete interconnect package.

 All Flex believes that speed and accuracy are key to our success and high rate of customer satisfaction. That’s why we’ll provide you with a quote within 24 hours of your inquiry, and custom build your CatheterFlex™ circuit in 2-4 weeks. In the time it takes other companies to pull together a quote, All Flex will have already custom designed your order and released your parts into production.

Our production facilities, material flow processes, order handling, engineering set-up, and manufacturing sequence steps are designed specifically for fast throughput. Quick turnaround is just good business—and it’s the only way All Flex does business.

 Swift production time is our standard, but with Quick Turn orders, we can deliver in just 1-2 weeks — possibly even days, depending on the order! But Quick Turn doesn’t mean we cut corners. We don’t rush your order through production to the detriment of performance and your satisfaction. Instead, all orders follow the same flow, quality management, and documentation process. This is important for customers so that as they transition from small volume to large volume, they will get identical parts with identical performance

catheterFlex™ Flexible Circuits

Ready to begin designing your custom CatheterFlex™ circuit? Give us a call to request a quote or a design consultation, or download our free design guide today!