Fine-Line Maxi-Flex®

Fine-Line Maxi-Flex® is an extended length and lightweight circuit with one, two or more conductive layers longer than 24″ in length. Fine-Line Maxi-Flex® is designed for your specific application with signal, power and shielding layers in one complete interconnect package.
When to use Fine-Line Maxi-Flex® Circuits
  • When you need to combine High Density Interconnect (HDI) technology with extended length application (Maxi-Flex®)
  • If needed to send multiple signals over a distance greater than 24” [610mm]
  • When limited to long tight spaces
  • Weight savings is of critical importance
  • Need to reduce assembly costs of long thin wire harnesses
  • Design requires combining varying line widths on a single circuit
Fine-Line Maxi-Flex® Features
  • Lengths from 24” to 40 feet or more (depending on density)
  • Copper trace and space down to 2-3mils (0.05-0.08mm)
  • Part widths down to 10mils (0.254mm)
  • Single-sided, Double-sided and even Multi-layer
  • Shielding for EMI/RFI protection
  • Control Impedance designs
  • Available with a number of surface finishes


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