Build A Heater

Quick Turn Custom Heater Solutions

Our convenient online design and ordering system allows engineers to configure a custom polyimide or silicone rubber flexible heater.

Input your electrical requirements with the click of a few buttons, submit payment, and receive your flexible heaters within days!

No waiting for a quote or approval files!

Flexible Heater Standard Properties
  • Polyimide Insulation
  • Maximum thickness over heating element: .010”/0.26MM
  • Maximum Thickness over lead attachment area: 0.18”/4.5MM
  • Lead Wire is 12” long, Teflon Insulated, Red in Color AWG24, or larger
    as required by the current draw
  • Maximum continuous use temperature of heater is 302F/150C
  • Resistance tolerance of ±10% is standard
  • Maximum recommended watt density is 15 watts per square inch.