Sculptured Flexible Circuits

Sculptured flexible circuits have circuit traces that vary in thickness across the circuitry pattern. By having different thicknesses a circuit can have thicker copper where more current or structural strength is required and have thinner copper in areas that are flexed or bent, thereby improving the “flex life”. The different thicknesses of copper are achieved by a unique differential etching process.

One common application for a sculptured circuit is unsupported termination traces. The terminal point is thicker and can be directly used as a connector. The terminal ends can be matched to any socket size. This structure reduces cost because it eliminates additional connector hardware as well as assembly labor. It also eliminates a mechanical connection point and makes the connection more reliable.

Benefits of Sculptured Flexible Circuits

  • Built-in contacts eliminate the need to purchase connectors
  • Integrated design reduces assembly labor costs (savings for our customers)
  • Elimination of connector components saves weight and space and increases flexibility
  • Provides very high reliability and superior performance


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