(October 25, 2023)

All Flex Solutions announced its acquisition of the building located at 1200 West 96th Street in Minneapolis; the purchase and buildout of this property will expand the company’s manufacturing capacity and capabilities.
The planned upgrades include the production of a new flexible circuit manufacturing plant which will increase the company’s capacity to manufacture flexible circuits, flexible heaters, and CatheterFlex™. CatheterFlex™ circuits, the company’s newest product line, are long, thin, flexible circuits that can replace discreet wiring in catheter and other medical applications.

“We are initiating an acceleration this year,” said Kevin Jackson, All Flex Solutions’ President and CEO. “Last year we focused on the merger of All Flex Flexible Circuits and Printed Circuits and the integration of two strong teams. Now, with a united All Flex Solutions team poised for growth, we look forward to this expansion.”

The new facility will also accommodate plating and final finishing processes, including ENIG, ENEPIG, EPIG, and Hot Air Leveled Solder, which are currently housed in a nearby facility. The move of these operations along with the new property buildout opens additional manufacturing capacity for the assembly of flexible circuits, rigid flex circuits and flexible heaters, and CatheterFlex™ circuits.

“The investments we’re making now in capacity and technology will accelerate our throughput at higher yields and with greater technical capability than we’ve ever had,” added Jackson. “We are excited about the many ways this increased capacity will help us serve our customers in the years to come.”

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