More than Just a Heater Flex Fabricator

When All Flex first entered the flexible heater market, it was primarily a “build to print” fabricator of flexible heater foils.  The initial success was due to All Flex’s industry-leading rapid response and quick turn capability for both small and large volume production.

Today, while All Flex still maintains that leading edge responsiveness, its capability has evolved from a part fabricator to a provider of thermal management solutions.

All Flex has continuously invested in equipment, personnel and intellectual properties over the years to enhance its thermal management offerings.

All Flex Sensors and Controllers are the most recent addition to its offerings.   All Flex’s new controller, The AFTC-5000 utilizes a single button interface providing both OEMS and end users with the ability to easily adjust the thermal settings.

Previously, All Flex had expanded its capabilities of thermal analysis modeling using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which helps determine optimal thermal dissipation and distribution for a product design.   Together with the AFTC-5000, All Flex can help product developers create and test prototype models with optimum performance, allowing experimentation with the designs to adjust thermal levels.  The controller can be specified and ordered online.

All Flex also has recently hired an industry expert in the flexible heater market, providing over 23 years of experience to help us grow in the heater market.

A number of useful resources for our customers have been recently introduced including the ability to do a cross reference check on a competitor’s heater part.  This tool allows you to input a competitor’s part number and use its characteristics as inputs to a request a quote form or inputs to our online heater configurator.  You can also see if the characteristics match up with a part that All Flex has in stock and order online for a fast delivery.

The company has also launched an online inventory tool for customers to purchase heaters that are stocked by All Flex on a routine basis, but also excess inventory of heaters due to overruns or partial panel orders.  Customers may search by size and resistance to identify candidates that may be suited for their application without having to tool up a customized heater.

All Flex continues to develop thermal management capabilities that are specific to market demands.   You can find more information on our flexible heaters by visiting our website