(February 14, 2024)

All Flex Solutions has started the equipment build-out of a completely new flexible circuit manufacturing facility in Minneapolis. The building was purchased in 2020, and was completely renovated to accommodate the company’s plans for a brand new state-of-the-art flexible circuit fabrication plant.

To date, All Flex has purchased, installed, qualified, or will qualify shortly five new manufacturing lines:

  • An IPS Final Finish Line with six final finishes in one 102-foot line:
    • ENIG – Electroless nickel immersion gold
    • ENEPIG – Electroless nickel, electroless palladium, immersion gold
    • EPIG – Electroless palladium, immersion gold
    • OSP – Organic solderability preservative
    • Immersion Silver
  • Pluritec Develop, Etch and strip Line for etching copper layers and exotic materials
  • CIMS Phoenix Large Format AOI
  • COMAC Hot Roll Photoresist Laminator
  • Pluritec Chemical Clean an Microetch line

Kevin Jackson, All Flex Solutions CEO, commented, “this is the investment we talked about a year ago, and it signals the start of what we intend to accomplish for our customers and other stakeholders – state-of-the-art manufacturing of flexible circuits, high yields at lower costs, less handling, and an overall higher velocity manufacturing environment. We want our customers products to be built on the best equipment available for their success.”

John Fallon, All Flex Solutions President of Flexible Operations, added, “this facility and its capabilities have been years in the planning and will allow us to expand our capacity for flexible circuits, flexible heaters, and our newest product CatheterFlex® circuits – extremely long, very thin, flexible circuits for medical applications. We will add capacity and increase technology at the same time. This is a very exciting time for us!”

To learn more about All Flex Solutions, please contact Bob Burns at (952) 886-9307 or Visit All Flex Solutions online at

All Flex Solutions is a US based manufacturer of flexible circuits, multilayer flex, rigid flex, flexible heaters, large format flexible circuits and CatheterFlex™ for medical electronics. All Flex Solutions also offers complete assembly services for all their products. All Flex Solutions has over 40 years’ experience building flexible circuits typically used in high reliability applications such as medical, military and commercial electronics which customers place a premium on reliability, package density, and weight. For more information visit us at