All Flex continues to build its capabilities of fast-turn fabrication technology and innovate upon existing capabilities to bring you the highest quality flexible circuits at the fastest turnaround times possible. Read our blog below to learn more about what we’ve been up to.

Flexible Circuits vs. Printed Circuit Board

It is common for many designers and engineers to think of a flexible circuit as a printed circuit board (PCB) that can bend. While it is true that a flex circuit and PCB perform the same electrical function, the structural and mechanical differences are significant,...

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Button Plating on a Flexible Circuit

Button plating describes a fabrication process widely used in the flex circuit industry to selectively electroplate copper to the vias and onto the pads capturing the vias. The rest of the copper traces do not have plating. Another industry term used to describe this...

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Soldering Flexible Circuits

The most common methods for component attachment on flexible circuits and rigid printed circuit boards involve soldering. The basic principles for soldering are the same for both flex and hard board, but soldering components to flexible circuits involves certain...

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How to Avoid Trace Fracturing on Flexible Circuits

Flexible circuits are ideal for applications that require bending and twisting. This flexibility gives designers options that are not available with the typical printed circuit board. This does not mean that a flexible copper trace will never crack, as like most...

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ZIF Connectors for Flexible Circuits

Application: Advantages and information about ZIF connectors and All Flex’s capabilities. There are many types of connectors and termination methods available when designing a flexible circuit, one of the most common is the ZIF or Zero Insertion Force connector. The...

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Maxi-flex® simplifies electronic packaging

One of All Flex’s unique capabilities is in fabricating very large circuits and heaters.   By large, we mean beyond the standard 24” panel length typical of many circuit board suppliers, and in fact we have produced individual parts 40 feet and longer.   We call this...

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