The benefits of flexible circuits, which are explained below, are plentiful. From solving packaging problems to amazing thermal management, All Flex flexible circuits are designed with the customer in mind. See how you can benefit from a flex circuit click here to receive a FREE sample!

1. A Solution to a packaging problem.
  • Flexible allow unique designs which solve interconnection problems.
  • The formability of a flexible circuit enables a package size reduction.
  • Flexible circuit makes installation and repair practical and cost effective.
2. Reduce assembly costs.
  • Flex circuits can be tested prior to assembly of components.
  • Elimination of connectors and solder joints reduce costs.
3. Replacement for a circuit board and wires.
  • Flex circuits simplify system design.
  • Flex circuits reduce the number of levels of interconnection required in an electronic package.
  • Flexible circuits eliminate human error common in wire assemblies as routing is determined by artwork and repeatability is guaranteed.
4. Reduce weight and space.
  • Considerable weight reduction is a benefit over wire harnesses.
  • Thickness can be as thin as .004 inches (.10mm) in total.
5. Dynamic flexing.
  • The thinness of the material makes flex circuits the best candidate for flexible applications up to millions of flexures.
6. Thermal management/high temperature applications.
  • Flex circuits dissipate heat at a better rate than any other dielectric materials while providing the added benefits of vastly improved flexibility.
7. Aesthetics.
  • Flexible circuits improve the internal appearance of an electronic package, which can have an influence on the decision making process of prospective users of the product.